Troy Howard: Delegate for the United States, in Congress assembled!

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Hello, my name is Troy Howard and I’m a proud member of the Confederation Party running for delegate for the United States, in Congress assembled. If you are like me and are selective about the quality of food you feed your family and loved ones, then consider the Confederation Party that puts your family and loved ones above corporate greed and personal gains.

The Confederation Party is a political party that cares about the health and welfare of every individual and family without hovering over them and invading their lives.

Are you sick of worrying about being poisoned by GMO crops or arrested for growing your own food on your own property or even collecting rain water to provide irrigation for your own crops without being considered a threat to society? The Confederation Party has restored the natural right and ability of every individual or family to grow their own food and feed their own families without having to rely on food being available at the local supermarket.

Take control of your own life, act responsibly without fear of reprisal and join the Confederation Party for peace of mind.

Thank you for your time and attention in reading this important message….
Thank you,

Troy Howard

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